Friday, July 22, 2016

Exterior Paint Colors, Specifically for Row Houses

I have met people who would rather MOVE than repaint the outside of their row house. As a realtor, I have heard it more times than I can count, "We have been meaning to paint but just couldn't decide on a color." Picking exterior paint colors can be paralyzing! So, I thought I would share some of The JLC Team's tried and true, before and after, row house exterior paint combinations.

Porch Front


To create this sophisticated look, we used all Benjamin Moore Colors:  Chelsea Gray HC-168 (flat) for the body of the house, Edgecomb Gray HC-173 (eggshell) for the trim, Wrought Iron 2124-10 (flat) for the slate roof, and Sulfur Yellow 2151-40 (semigloss) for the front door. The windows themselves are brown vinyl and Chelsea gray works well with browns since it is an earthy gray. It is also a great color to use if you have lots of vegetation surrounding your home. Note, that the base of the columns was originally natural brick. This distracted from the overall look. It creates a much more cohesive abode if the columns are painted the same color as the body of the house.

Petite Victorian


This Sweet Victorian had quite a face lift! The body of the house, brick, was painted Sherwin Williams Classic French Gray SW-0077 (flat), the trim Sherwin Williams White Heron SW-7627 (eggshell), and the front doors Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143 (satin). The windows are a pure white factory finish. I rarely ever recommend pure white trim, it usually comes off looking harsh on an exterior. 

Grand Victorian


Choosing row house exterior colors is often complicated by the fact that these homes are connected to other houses, so, it is important that the colors compliment one another. In the case of the Grand Dame above, the house is flanked by dark red homes therefore, a lighter hue seemed a natural choice. We picked Benjamin Moore's Bone Black CW-715 (flat) for the brick, White Dove OC-17 (eggshell) for the mullions above and below the windows and the roof line trim, Wrought Iron 2124-10 (eggshell) for the trim, and Wrought Iron 2124-10 (satin) for the front door.

Stucco Farmhouse


The style and materials a house is built with also influence color choices. I have always admired this charming Capitol Hill Farmhouse. It has a pebble dash stucco exterior. However, the stucco made the color selection a little tricky. We tried several darker colors (I really had hoped a blue would work) however, none of them looked quite right. So, we returned to one of our favorites, Benjamin Moore's Bone Black CW-715 (flat) for the stucco, White Dove OC-17 (eggshell) for the trim, Woodlawn Blue HC-147 (flat) for the porch ceiling, and Moroccan Spice AF-285 (semi-gloss) for the front door

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Better Design Through Texture

What takes a room design from "nice" to fabulous? While it can be so many things, the often forgotten hero is TEXTURE! 

The first time I remember discovering the importance of texture was when a friend of my mother's was creating an all white bedroom. She did everything right, beautiful bedding, a mix of modern and antique furniture, attractive art, and varied whites. The end result was... boring. However, when she went back and added a sisal rug, hand woven baskets, and distressed some of the painted furniture, Voila, Fabulous!

Take the room above: The ship lap wall adds texture, as does the rough wood coffee table top, and shaggy throw pillows. Balance the texture with slick surfaces such as the mid-century console, various chrome legs, and slick glass lamp to create a warm, inviting, and interesting room.

Not feeling adventurous enough for a ship lap wall? How about a wood palette as a visually interesting pot rack? Loads of texture there. We installed this one with long screws into the stud wall to insure it could stand up to lots of heavy pots and pans.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Home Bike Storage

Cycle Solutions
There are always trends in real estate - home saunas, wet bars, mud rooms... Some of these fads last the test of time, while others become obsolete. 
A trend, of late, is that more home buyers are looking for bike storage. While homes in the suburbs often have garages to store bicycles, those of us who live in urban areas are a bit more space challenged. However, ingenious bike storage is popping up everywhere!

The Bike as a Home Accessory

bike storing shelf Most Practical and Creative Bike Storage Idea
Some storage solutions turn a bike into a work of art.

Looking for a more tucked away solution, inside the house?

Outdoor solutions!
Small Storage Shed for Bikes Trimetals Metal Bicycle Store Bike Shed   Metal Sheds GEFZcCxt
You can purchase this outdoor solution.

Since Jakes had two brand new bikes stolen in a 3 month time span.. this is perfect. Bike Storage | Sept 2010 012 by Treesaurus, via Flickr

I am hoping this is one trend that will stand the test of time!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Adding Small but Valuable Space

Mudroom Addition
Tripping over book bags? Using piles of coats to hold the mail? While things are not quite that bad at my house, I must admit I am dreaming of a mudroom addition. A charming solution to a whole host of issues, mudrooms can do more than store coats and backpacks. Consider what a perfect place to tuck a powder room (for quick clean up) and maybe a small closet for cleaning supplies and a vacuum...
The best part is mudrooms do not need to be large to solve a whole host of issues!
This small addition makes a huge impact, both inside and out.

Since they don't tend to be large, mudrooms are often inexpensive additions - See, my dream is not completely irrational!


On a row house, I envision some type of two story addition on the back of the house. Something that is reminiscent of an old sleeping porch.

Since the whole point of a mudroom is practicality, it would need tile floors. Black and white octagonal tiles would be great with my historic home and they wouldn't compete with the wood floors leading out from the kitchen.

Small spaces call for inventive solutions. Thinking sliding barn doors or pocket doors into a (my new but imaginary) powder room.

arched entry to mudroom closet

So many fabulous Mudroom ideas - real people need real mudrooms!

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